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16 customizable tours in Chile
  • Adventure
Carretera Austral and Ruta 40
The Carretera Austral and the Ruta 40 reward intrepid drivers with pristine landscapes and off-the-beaten-path adventures. Immerse...
Approx.21 daysFrom$6,390
  • Off the beaten track
The Flavors of Santiago de Chile
Visit beautiful Chile and its interesting Capital, Santiago! During this trip, you will do a bike tour around interesting Santiago, learn to make...
Approx.4 daysFrom$1,110
  • Adventure
Hike Torres del Paine National Park W-Circuit
Enjoy an 8 day adventure trip in gorgeous Patagonia! During this trip, you will discover the incredible and unique scenery of this amazing region...
Approx.8 daysFrom$3,610
  • Off the beaten track
Northern Carretera Austral road trip
Explore the stunning Chilean scenery and an endless variety of outdoor activities at your own pace with our carefully prepared 7 day, self-drive...
Approx.7 daysFrom$2,970
  • Highlights
Carmenere, Malbec and Tannat
Approx.13 daysFrom$3,070
  • Off the beaten track
Millenarian cultures
Embark on a laid back, 10-day discovery of Chilean culture, baffling landscapes and ancient legends. Begin your journey in the melting pot of...
Approx.10 daysFrom$3,690
  • Highlights
Journey from Atacama to Patagonia
Chile, the land of lakes, deserts, mountains, glaciers and volcanoes. Combine a melting pot of cultural...
Approx.11 daysFrom$5,930
  • Highlights
Andean Mountains and the Atacama Desert
Chileans often share a tale with their visitors. When God created the world, they say, he had a little bit of everything left over: lakes,...
Approx.10 daysFrom$3,950
  • Off the beaten track
The Chiloe Archipelago
Take this truly unique trip through the Chiloé archipelago! During 4 days, you will sail from island to island in this beautiful area, and learn...
Approx.5 daysFrom$3,400
  • Off the beaten track
Sustainable Tourism : San Pedro de Atacama
Experience San Pedro de Atacama in a unique way! On this trip, you will build a close relationship with the local guides, who will explain the local...
Approx.4 daysFrom$1,880
  • Off the beaten track
A Unique Culture Experience in Quinquén
Experience the unique lifestyle of the Quinquén community! During this unforgettable adventure, you will learn local traditions, customs and...
Approx.4 daysFrom$2,440
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  • Adventure
Hiking the Andean Mountains
Embark on a unique expedition across a land of stunning beauty! Along the way, marvel at extraordinary...
Approx.7 daysFrom$1,450
  • Highlights
Easter Island, the Atacama Desert and Patagonia
Global sophistication blends seamlessly with local tradition in the central heartland of Chile! First, discover Santiago through numerous...
Approx.16 daysFrom$7,450
  • Off the beaten track
South American wines trail
Head South for a unique exploration of Chilean & Argentine sights, cuisine and wine! Your 10 day journey begins with a tour of Buenos...
Approx.10 daysFrom$2,400
  • Highlights
Andean lake crossing
Get ready for 13 stunning days and a journey deep into the heart of Chilean and Argentine lake regions! Begin with arrival in Santiago de...
Approx.13 daysFrom$2,760
  • Highlights
Chile's Pacific Coast to Argentina and Brazil's Atlantic
Explore the highlights of three legendary cities: Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires & Rio de Janeiro. For good measure toss in a pinch...
Approx.13 daysFrom$2,410
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