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Family Adventure Tour
Approx. 11 daysFrom$2,250
Classic Tour
Approx. 16 daysFrom$4,300
Tropical Birding and Natural History
Approx. 12 daysFrom$4,580
Nature Highlights Tour
Approx. 14 daysFrom$5,740
Eco Tour
Approx. 14 daysFrom$2,930
Luxury Honeymoon Tour
Approx. 10 daysFrom$7,890
Eco Safari
Approx. 14 daysFrom$4,660
Volcanoes, Beaches, and Rainforests
Approx. 13 daysFrom$4,560
Unguided Bird-Watching Tour
Approx. 14 daysFrom$2,650
Self-Drive Highlights Tour
Approx. 14 daysFrom$2,540
Off-The-Beaten-Track Tour
Approx. 15 daysFrom$6,330
Multi-Activity Adventure
Approx. 14 daysFrom$2,060
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A peaceful paradise in South America, the country of Costa Rica has made tremendous efforts over the last fifty years to protect and preserve its stunning natural landscapes while also maintaining the highest standards of living and lowest crime rates in Latin America. Our local agents all live and work in Costa Rica, exploring these incredible places is a part of their daily lives they are ready to share with you.

With more than a third of the country being protected national parks, the number of relaxing options can be overwhelming to the unfamiliar. Our agents will find you the perfect beach, volcano, river, or nearly untouched forest for your ideal vacation.

What to do in Costa Rica?

Families and adventurers who love hiking and exploring will have an incredible range of choices with plenty of time spent lounging in a hammock between the Pacific and Caribbean. Our agents have helped past travellers:

  • Visit Manuel Antonio park and its tropical beaches, where the number of visitors has been limited to preserve the exotic environment.
  • See the largest breeding ground for green turtles in the Caribbean
  • Hike in Corcovado park, the last outpost of the tropical virgin forest of the Central American lowlands
  • Take a canopy tour in the Cloud Forest Reserve in Monteverde
  • Stroll through Puerto Viejo, a mix of Caribbean and indigenous culture, with ideal surfing conditions
  • Go Kayaking, rafting, or hiking over a volcano

When to go?

Costa Rica’s dry season, between December and April is the best time to visit, as the rest of the year can experience heavy rains that ruin days at the beach or make back roads impassable. At the same time, locals refer to these summer months as the “green season” for the incredible colours that come to life, and it can be easier to book hotels and excursions. Ask your local agent which time of year is right for you.

Which coast is better?

The caribbean and Pacific coasts offer two very different cultural experiences that reflect the different sides of Costa Rica. The debate between which coast is better has no clear answer. The Pacific coast usually caters more to tourists looking for a wide range of experiences, while the Caribbean coast feels more off the beaten path and laid back. Get an idea of what each has to offer, or whether you’d want to try both, by looking at tours our agents have put together in the past.

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