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Top 5 things to see in Europe

Europe is one of the worlds most culturally varied continents and it has the added benefit of having so much, packed into a relatively small space. See 10 different countries in the time it would take to see travel across just one in the Americas.

  • See the incredible natural beauty of Slovenia, which is fast becoming one of the most environmentally sustainable countries in Europe and worldwide.
  • If man made beauty is what you’re after, then a trip to Spain to take in the ingenuity of Barcelona’s architecture is for you. See the work of some of the worlds most famous architects around every corner.
  • While Western Europe may be known for its rainy weather, the beaches of Southern Portugal will provide the perfect antidote and a beach getaway full of culture. Lounge on the white sandy beaches and take in the sun, before exploring the winding streets of small Portuguese towns.
  • For those looking to explore Europe’s rich, ancient history then head to Rome, in Italy for the ultimate collection of ancient sites, within walking distance of one another.
  • St Petersburg, in Russia is a city unlike any other and its colorful buildings and fascinating sites make it a top site to visit to see a different side of European culture.


Things to know before traveling to Europe

If you are from Europe, then traveling around its various different countries shouldn’t bring too many surprises. Here are just a few reminders to make sure you’re prepared for your trip.

  • Despite European citizens being allowed to pass freely between European states, you will always need to take your Passport when crossing borders. It may not be checked every single time, but it is a requirement.
  • Always pay in local currency. Conveniently, most countries within Europe use Euros, but not all of them so be careful. If you are planning to travel throughout several European countries then make sure you have all of the currencies you will need, or a travel card that will allow you to spend money in any currency.
  • Be wise with bookings. Accommodations can be very expensive in the centre of cities, and since most European city centres are small, but with loads of public transport, you can save a lot of money by staying outside of the centre, without having much difficulty getting back in.
  • Decide when to travel. Prices get MUCH higher in July and August, so it is recommended that you try and travel out of this period if possible to avoid crowds and packed out bookings. If you can only travel during this period, don’t worry, there’s a reason why everyone travel within Europe during the summer, since this is when a lot of places are at their most beautiful.
  • Think about how you travel. Trains can be expensive, sometimes more so than planes and buses are by far the cheapest option. If you’re looking to visit multiple European countries then booking planes in advance is the best option.


European food

While France holds the reputation for the best food destination in Europe, there are so many unique and delicious meals to be had, wherever you go. Here are just a few suggestions…

  • A few choices are so notorious that they very nearly go without saying. Picking up an authentic Pizza in Italy is a must while in Europe. It will taste better than any pizza you’ve had elsewhere.
  • Slovenian Štruklji is a dish that takes all the best elements from traditional crepes, but they are made using cottage cheese, making them light and airy. They are unique to Slovenia’s capital city.
  • Poland’s Pierogi are a type of dumpling. They can be filled with pretty much anything but they make the perfect snack during a day of European exploration.
  • A paella in Spain may seem like an obvious choice, but this incredible dish allows you to taste so much in one place. The fresh sea food, tasty spices, incredible vegetables and puffed rice make a truly unbeatable combination.
  • For an unbeatable drink to wash down all that good food, head to Belgium, where beer is king. Take you pick from the huge variety here.


Major Cities in Europe

With so many incredible cities packed into this continent it can be hard to decide where to go. Whilst the well-known cities such as Paris and London are visited by millions of tourists each year, there are so may other options that will make unforgettable stop-offs during your European adventure. Here are just a few suggestions:

  • The city of Vienna has been a hub for culture for centuries with palaces, cathedrals and beautiful baroque hotels. Explore the city that was home to Mozart, Beethoven and Sigmund Freud as you discover Hofburg and Belvedere palace or St Stephen’s cathedral.
  • Budapest has some incredible sites for anyone, no matter what your interests. Great food, beautiful buildings and friendly people cover the entire city. The night life here is another highlight; discover cool rooftop bars and gourmet restaurants. If you’re feeling worse for wear after a night on the town, why not relax in the thermal baths and treat yourself to a spa day.
  • See the city of Dubrovnik’s white limestone streets and ancient history as it sits next to the blue waters of the Adriatic. You may recognize the sites here from recent popular television shows such as Game of Thrones. Enjoy fresh sea food and local wines as you take in the atmosphere and tradition of this amazing place.
  • Lisbon’s colorful streets, delicious food and vibrant city life continues to attract visitors from all over the world. Come and relax in a Mediterranean atmosphere and enjoy a true break from the stress of daily life.
  • Stockholm, as the capital of one of the world’s most successful countries in all respects, is bound to have something special about it. As a hub for tech start ups, the city has a cool, cosmopolitan feel to it. The city itself celebrates design so, while you’re not exploring everything that this fantastic city has to offer, you can expect to relax in a stylish cafe, a sleek restaurant or bar or a simple, yet luxurious modern hotel.