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Costa Rica

Guanacaste, a symbol of Costa Rica

The Guanacaste region is named after a tree found within its borders which is a symbol of Costa Rica. This land of Volcanoes, mountains, wild nature and unusual landscapes will certainly leave you wanting to explore forever...

Nature Lovers' Heaven

For lovers of animals, birds, reptiles, and insects, this region is a must-see  Guanacaste is the ideal location for turtle watching. The impressive, endangered, Leatherback turtles, often gather on the beaches in Parc La Baulas between December and March. Watching some of the planet’s rarest reptiles is fascinating and is a once in a lifetime experience. Visit Vie Sylvestre d’Ostonial Beach Sanctuary, where you can see tens of thousands of Ridley turtles laying their eggs in the sand. Or why not go to Curú refuge to see its resident monkeys (Howlers, Capuchins), sloths and anteaters, as well as more than 220 species of birds living in this 85 hectare zone. There are even crocodiles in the lakes and marshes of Río Curú.

All The Adventures You Could Ask For

Not far from Nicoya lies Barra Honda National Park. Covering some 2,000 hectares, it is home to some impressive caves. In this gigantic network of limestone caves are hugely impressive stalagmite and stalactite structures: a caver's dream! On leaving Cañas you’ll find another stop-off worth a visit, an animal orphanage. Extensive poaching in the past has ravaged certain populations and so makes it their mission to shelter ocelots, pumas, jaguars and other big cats in a natural tropical forest setting. You can also go rafting on Rios Tenorio and Corobici. The water is calm and so floating downstream is a peaceful and relaxing activity for travellers of any age. Carry on in to Rincón de la Vieja National Park, in the Las Pallas area. Its stunning scenery and interesting geothermal activity, with some small geysers, boiling mud pools, and lots of hot water springs makes it a truly unique place to explore.

A Landscape Like No Other

This region is also home to the Guanacaste Mountains; high mountains and breathtaking scenery in the north of the country. Within Guanacaste National Park itself, there are two surprising volcanoes called Cacao and Orosi, as well as a peak called Cerro Orosito. You will also see the impressive Rincon de la Vieja volcano and its active crater, which sometimes leaves an impressive column of smoke towering into the sky. You won’t be spoilt for choice though; Miravalles volcano is 2,028 metres high and has no less than 6 craters on its summit. In Tenorio National Park lies the magnificent, vegetation covered Tenorio Volcano which has four peaks and two craters. You can even enjoy its hot springs and little turquoise blue lakes. Carry along the coast and stand speechless before the green cliffs carved out of Culebra bay.

Allow at least 4 days to explore some of these National Parks and the amazing sights that lie within their boundaries.

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