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Highlights And Colonial Towns
Approx. 15 daysFrom$2,920
Central And Southern Highlights
Approx. 14 daysFrom$1,800
Self-Drive Highlights Of The Yucatan
Approx. 10 daysFrom$1,220
Luxury Beaches, And Mayan Ruins
Approx. 8 daysFrom$4,110
Historical and Cultural Highlights
Approx. 20 daysFrom$4,450
Volcanoes And Adrenaline
Approx. 15 daysFrom$3,560
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Two coasts, one of the largest, most exciting capital cities in the world, and a history that allows you to explore ancient Aztec temples in the morning and finish the day with margaritas, tacos, and fresh ceviche in a stunning Spanish colonial courtyard. Mexico has long been a major tourist destination for its incredible beaches, but far too few visitors have ventured into the interior. Now is the time to head off the coastal roads and take in the captivating art, food, and architecture of this diverse country.

With your dedicated Evaneos travel agent, an expert based in Mexico, it’s easier than ever to take time off from sipping piña coladas on a beach for a completely tailor-made adventure in Mexico.

Where to go?

From the sweeping coastal views of Baja California on the Pacific coast to the enchanting villages of the caribbean sea on the Yucatan peninsula, our local agents in Mexico have put together tour ideas {LINK} that span centuries of Mexico’s rich heritage and miles of its diverse geography and allow you to take in as many pristine beaches as you want. From the cool cafes and art galleries of Mexico City’s Roma district through the mountains to stunning colonial towns like San Miguel de Allende, any tour of Mexico is sure to include fascinating architecture, beautiful landscapes, and plenty of flavor-packed street tacos along the way.

What to do?

  • Relax in a luxury hotel only a few steps away from white, sandy beaches on the Caribbean coast
  • Visit Chichen Itzà, one of the greatest Mayan cities ever built
  • Play on the beaches at Cancun and then go diving in coral reefs, windsurfing, jet skiing
  • Visit Mexico city, the largest city in North America, filled with incredible restaurants, markets, eclectic neighborhoods, and museums
  • Roam the Mayan and Aztec ruins
  • Stroll along incredible colonial plazas like Plaza de la Constitución, one of the largest public squares in the world
  • Take in amazing nightlife and sample the unique flavors of authentic Molé salsas

Is Mexico safe?

While some areas of Mexico are known for issues with violence, it is a huge country and most areas are perfectly safe. Many of Mexico’s security issues arise near the border and have rarely impacted tourists. The most heavily touristed areas, like the Yucatan peninsula, actually have exceptionally low crime rates that rival rural areas in the United States. If you have any concerns about safety, feel free to ask your local agent. They’re here to make the trip of your dreams, and can help you pick only the places where you will feel the most comfortable and have the most peace of mind while exploring such an exciting new place.

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