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Greece Travel Guide

6 reasons to travel to Greece

There's no need to go halfway around the world to see new sights or to relax. Just three and a half hours by plane from Heathrow, a trip to Greece will guarantee you sun, magnificent scenery and a unique cultural heritage.

The wonders of the Cyclades

These incredible islands, with their white-walled, blue-roofed houses, are ideal for anyone who loves the Mediterranean. Relax on the beach at Mykonos or Paros. In Greece, it's sunny 300 days of the year. Who says paradise doesn't exist? For those who like volcanoes, there's Santorin and its black sandy beaches. There, you can watch the legendary sunsets.

Awaken your tastebuds

Greece cuisine is considered among the best in the world. Moreover, it's recognised by UNESCO as part of humanity's intangible cultural heritage. Healthy and varied, you can try dolmadákia (vine leaves), taramosalàta (or tarama), saghanáki (deep-fried yellow cheese), moussaka (mince and aubergines) and tzatzíki (fresh yoghurt with cucumber), washing it all down with a glass of ouzo!

Get to know friendly locals

While the welcome in certain tourist hotspots can be a little chilly, everywhere else, you'll be met with warm smiles by the Greeks. Head away from the beaten track and you'll discover the philoxenia: a tradition of hospitality unique to Greece. If you speak a little Greek, your efforts will be met with even larger smiles.  

Travel to the heart of Greek mythology

With its 17 UNESCO world heritage sites, Greece boasts a uniquely rich cultural heritage which will amaze any fan of history or archeology. From Delphi to Mycenae, from Meteora to mount Athos or Olympia, Greece is overflowing with treasures that everyone should see at least once in their life. At each site, close your eyes and imagine yourself back in time, in the era of the Greek gods. You're there. Let the magic of the ruins carry you away. 

Discover Athens, the birthplace of Western civilisation.

Once upon a time, Greece, and especially Athens, had a Europe-wide presence. The Greeks are omnipresent in history after 3,200 BC. Athens alone would suffice to tell the country's story. Don't pass up on a trip to the Acropolis, the Parthenon and the Agora. Discover the National Archeological Museum, where you'll find antique statues.

Expend that energy in breathtaking places

If lazing around on Greece's thousand and one beaches isn't for you, you can try your hand at one of many different sports. From potholing in one of the country's 6,000 grottos, notably those of Perama, near Ioannina. To windsurfing on the island of Kos. To climbing at Kalymnos. Or even diving or surfing by any one of the Greek islands.
Aurélie Chartier
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Updated 26 October 2018
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