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It's not easy describing Kazakhstan accurately without having paid it a visit. It's a good idea to explore beyong the typical attractions, visiting sites such as Baïkonour, Genghis Khan and Borat, in order to get a better feel this huge country's authenticity. With a size that is five times that of France - yet four times less populated - Kazakhstan spans central asia and eastern europe, and was formerly home to various Nomadic tribes. From steppes to lakes, the towns grow and evolve at an astonishing speed (Astana, the capital,  is proof of this) but still maintains its undeniable charm, as seen in Almaty, Pavlodar or Turkestan. Going to Kazakhstan isn't necessarily a relaxing holiday, and the first steps in getting there are in themselves the start of a largely grand adventure, bound to create memories. If you want diversity, mystery and excitement, look no further, this is the country for you!

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Planning a trip to Kazakhstan can be somewhat complicated,  what with the lack of reliable and up-to-date tourist information available. In order to resolve this issue, and to help you get a better idea of the ins and outs of Kazakhstan, team, along with local agents based in the country, have put together an on-line practical guide (available shortly), with everything you need to know. From the must-sees (Astana/ the mountains), to the lesser knowns (the Borovoe Spa, for example), to advice on transport, (not advisable driving at night), and even information on immigration procedures, (resident permits/ border control etc.) All in all, this guide provides the essentials ensuring you depart fully informed, and that you keep a cool head whilst on your Kazakhstan adventure.  

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Beautiful areas with new seenaries ,we like the people’s they are very friendly and very cooperative ,we amused seeing snow at this time of the year
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