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The least visited country in Central Asia, Turkmenistan, with its rich past and its fabulous landscapes, will delight both the hikers and the adventurers. The colourful canyons, the scorching Karakoum desert, and dinosaur footprints are merely a few examples of the marvels you'll find in Turkmenistan. Eager to discover new cultures? Visit Konye-Ourgentch, Misrian and Merv, the ancient cities, taking you back centuries ago,  to the time when caravans travelled the Silk Road. If the gas crater moonscapes in Darvaza aren't enough evidence of Turkmenistan's extraordinary findings, you'll even be able to meet some locals in Ashgabat. The hikers among you will certainly choose to explore the Yangykala Canyon, discovering a desert filled with technicolour, and completely off the beaten track.

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Guide to travelling in Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan seems so far off the beaten track that the planning stage of the trip can be quite difficult. Why not refer to the Turkmenistan practical guide, put together by the team at, which gives you a lot of pointers on planning an exceptional trip. You'll learn that a visa is necessary for all visitors, and that the best time to pay a visit  extends from April to June - the three months during which the weather is nice. Is it best to get a around by car or motorbike? Are trains readily available? How should you plan your budget e.g. for accommodation/ for food? Have a look through our practical guide to Turkmenistan and your questions will be answered in no time!

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