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If ever there was an underrated country, Tajikistan fits the bill!  Its array of cultures, languages, valleys and mountains are second to none compared to its Central Asian neighbours. The Pamir mountain range, aka the "Roof of the World", located west, is Tajikistan's main attraction, with its beautiful mountainous landscape and magnificent trails. Adventure enthusiasts will roam the remote valleys by 4x4 and stay in yurt camps in the middle of nowhere, while the aspiring  hikers will confront the dry canyons and coniferous forests in the Fanskye Mountains. An unusual and extraordinary destination, Tajikistan is ideal for those looking to make discoveries and broaden their horizons. From the Wakhan Valley to the intersection at Afghanistan; from Tajikistan to trekking up the Fan Mountains; from the gorgeous Iskander-Kul Lake on the way to Pamir, you can't say Tajikistan lacks diversity!

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Guide to travelling in Tajikistan

Tajikistan is a country unscathed by the hustle and bustle of tourists. The language barrier, the distance and the lack of information available in this land-locked Central Asian country make it difficult to organise a trip there. Don't be put off however, as the team at has put together a guide specifically on Tajikistan, containing the key info and sound advice to help make the planning process that much easier. For example, did you know that the main language spoken is Tajik? That 80% of the population are muslim? That peas and milk form the basis of most of the country's delicacies? How much would a ten-day tour in the Pamir Mountain Range cost? How do you get around? Find out all the answers in our practical guide to Tajikistan.

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